Where do I start? I can’t sing!

Have you been told you can’t sing?

Have you gone through life thinking that you can’t?
Most people think they can’t sing, but the truth is you can!
So, the question is not can you sing, but do you want to sing?
We’d love to see more men at the singing groups!

If coming along to any of the singing groups listed on this page frightens you, why not book a lesson with Janet who’ll be able to coach you along? You don’t have to be on your own. Get a small group together for a group lesson.
You may be worried that you’ll make a fool of yourself, but unless you have a go, give it a try, take that leap into the unknown, then you’ll never know!
It may not always be easy, and you may feel out of your comfort zone, but if you stick with it, I can confidently say you will see and feel and hear the benefits!
The natural voice approach encourages us all to find our voice.
It’s our birthright to sing and express ourselves (www.naturalvoice.net)
Being part of a community choir is good for your health: the health of your heart, mind and soul. So in turn it’s good for the heart, mind and soul of the community.
Individual lessons £35 per hour
£45 for group lessons up to four people.
Contact Janet on 02392 811802